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Above $150, Casio Pathfinder, Digital

Casio Men’s PAW1300-1V Pathfinder Multi-Band Solar Atomic Black Watch

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Casio Men’s PAW1300-1V Pathfinder is Multi-Band Solar Atomic Black Watch belongs to Casio pathfinder watch series and is specially designed for adventurists and tourist’s people. The watch is introduced with a number of special features like built-in altimeter, barometer, thermometer and digital compass.


Casio Men’s PAW1300-1V Pathfinder Multi-Band Solar Atomic Watch

Casio Pathfinder watches as name indicates are especially designed for mens to help hikers and adventure loving people who do not have enough resources at certain places. The watch like other watches of Casio pathfinder watch series is provided with special features to help the people if someone fells in middle of nowhere. It is a round shaped digital watch with mineral dial. It is a large sized watch but not oversized and fits well on the people having wrists size of 6 inches to 7 inches minimum. The actual size (56.9 x 47.4 x 11.5mm / 60g) is far better than the most of the other pathfinder watches that comes with the size and weight of (62.3 x 52.2 x 14.2mm / 78g). The watch is primarily solar powered that means you never need to the battery and for a normal usage it charges to full battery for just 5 minutes exposure to sunlight in a day. Apart of sunlight it can also be recharged in artificial light. The casio pathfinder watch is provided with altimeter that tells you the time you need to reach the summit. You can record up to 40 sets of data with this watch each including Time, Date, Month and altitude.

The Casio Pathfinder PAW1300 multifunction watch also has a built-in barometer to measure the atmospheric pressure. It checks for Pressure every two hours and stores the past 30 hour’s data in the watch memory.  Casio Pathfinder watch also have a digital compass which shows the angle value, a four direction pointer and a direction indicator.  Casio Pathfinder PAW1300 also has a built-in thermometer to detect the temperature and shows the temperature in the range of -10 to 60C. These small sensors that measures direction, altitude, temperature and pressure keeps you inform about the environment around you. Moreover Casio Pathfinder PAW1300 is an atomic watch that means it updates time automatically after receiving radio signals from an atomic clock that is the most précised way of timekeeping. Casio Pathfinder watch receives signals from an atomic clock in United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan. (For more about atomic timekeeping See Why to chose an atomic watch).

Casio-Pathfinder-PAW-1300-1V-Photo Casio-Pathfinder-PAW-1300-1V-Watch-Photo

Casio Pathfinder PAW1300 has an auto EL Backlight that means its not hard to read it even in complete darkness. This makes it useful in hiking situations where the lightening situation is not so good. The Electro-luminescent backlight activates automatically when you turn the watch up to 40 degree from horizontal towards yourself. Apart from all these great features Casio Pathfinder watch includes digital stopwatch, a countdown timer, Alarms and hourly chime. The Casio Pathfinder PAW1300 watch is water resistant up to 100 meters (i.e. 330 Feets). It supports world time with about 29 different time zones.


The Casio Pathfinder PAW1300 watch is very popular and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It is available to shop on Amazon in $169, although it was first introduced to purchase with a price of $300. A great worthy watch for adventure loving people and perfect for the people looking for solar sports watches. One User writes on Amazon:

You get what you pay for this casio did everything it was advertised to do work perfectly I recommend to buy

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