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$75 - $100, CASIO G SHOCK

Casio Men’s GWM850-1CR Solar Atomic G Shock Watch
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Casio GWM850-1CR Solar Atomic G Shock Watch is another good timekeeping device from Casio. Casio g shock watches are famous for their g shock protection, i.e shock proof and damage protection. Similarly, this watch has all the great features of G Shock technology but it is cheaper than most of the Casio g shock watches. With its flexible black resin wrist band, it can also prove to be a best g shock watch for people seeking a sports watch.

Casio Men’s GWM850- 1CR Solar Atomic G Shock Watch


Casio GWM850-1CR Solar Atomic G Shock Watch has all the great features like solar charging atomic timekeeping, alarms stopwatch, countdown timer and water resistance etc that makes it best g shock watch. As the watch comes from Casio g shock watches family, it is shock proof. It is radio controlled watch that makes it the most accurate timepiece than any other digital or analog wrist watch. The atomic timekeeping function lets the watch update its time itself after receiving radio signals form an atomic watch. It receives radio signals from an atomic clock six times a day and update time accordingly. You also have the option to update the time manually. The atomic time reception feature works well if you live in Unites states, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan or china. In other parts of the world, it works like a normal quartz movement watch. Even if the watch is unable to receive the radio signals for a whole month there will be no more than 15 seconds variation in time.( See Why to choose an atomic watch, for more information about atomic watches)


Casio Mens GWM850-1CR Solar Atomic G Shock Watch is a stylish watch and sleek than other Casio g shock watches. The Case diameter of 42 millimeters and case thickness of 14 millimeters make it the best wrist watch to wear in normal conditions. This best g shock watch also fits well under shirt sleeves. The stainless steel bezel provides extra protection from shock, scratches and damage protection. The round shaped case has a mineral black dial which makes reading the digits pretty easy. The EL backlight with afterglow effect makes it easy to read the digits event in complete darkness. Although it’s not basically a sports watch, but the great features like water resistance up to 200 meters, shock and mud resistance and the weight of just 4.80 Ounces makes it a perfect choice for sportsmen. Casio Men’s GWM850-1CR Solar Atomic G Shock Watch is virtually maintenance free, and it’s the remarkable feature of this best g shock watch. With the tough solar power technology there is no need to change the batteries and with atomic timekeeping function there is no need to adjust the time manually. When charged completely, the charging is enough for the operation of watch for 7 months without any further exposure to sunlight. It charges under both kind of lights, sunlight and artificial lights. Apart from this, it has all function of a normal digital watch including a digital stopwatch, countdown timer, Alarms, Support for Universal coordinated time and Daylight time saving function, and world time that supports 29 time zones and 48 cities’ time.


Casio GWM850-1CR Solar Atomic G Shock Watch, unlike the other casio g shock watches available at reasonable and affordable prices. It is available to shop online on amazon for $80.76. It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 possible stars on Amazon that shows the users satisfaction after using this watch. It comes with Casio international warranty of 1 year. If you are in search for a good watch or best g shock watch, then try it. You might not get a best g shock watch than Casio GWM850-1CR Solar Atomic G Shock Watch at this price….

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