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    Above $150, Casio Pathfinder, Digital

    Casio PRW2500T-7C Pathfinder Titanium Multi-Band Atomic Watch Review

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    Above $150, Casio Pathfinder, Digital

    Casio PAW1500 1V Pathfinder Multi Function Digital Watch Review


Atomic Watches or radio controlled watches are the most precise and more accurate wrist watches. If you posses an atomic watch you never need to reset it because it automatically adjust time by receiving signals from an atomic clock central unit that transmits radio signals for atomic clocks and watches.


Man wearing Casio Men’s G-Shock GW-M530A-1ER Alarm Chronograph (Radio Controlled) Atomic Watch

How they work ?

The principle of working of atomic watches is very simple. Atomic clocks hardly deviate from the ideal time because they are precised for 1 second up to 30 Million years. Thanks to the unprecedented and absolute time keeping feature atomic clocks, that is used as base for timekeeping for atomic watches. In United States, an Atomic clock transmits signals through a WWVB transmitter situated at Fort Collins Colorado. The Transmitter transmits the radio signal.These atomic watches have an internal antenna which receives the radio signal and the watch itself checks for 60 kHz signals for once in a day. Then the signal is decoded and the accurate time is set itself by the watch. Hence there is practically no need to reset time. But the atomic watches do not just depend upon the radio signals from an atomic clock, but they continue to work for the whole month without receiving a signal with the variation of within 15 seconds.

In which country an atomic watch works perfectly ?

Almost the whole United States, except Alaska and Hawaii is in the range of WWVB transmitter. Similarly Whole Europe is also covered with its own atomic clock radio-transmitter. Apart from that Central Atomic Clock Units are also located in Japan and China. In other parts of the world where atomic clock radio signals are not available the watch continue to work as a normal Quartz watch.



Casio Pathfinder PAW1500 Watch with special features of Digital Compass,Altimeter, Barometer, Moon age, Moon phase graph, Yacht Timer, Tide graph and many more…

The atomic watch gives you the option to see the time when it was last synchronized. You can also set it manually to search for the radio signal to calibrate the watch.

In a Normal Wrist watch, the main problem arises when the battery ends up and is needed to be replaced. The other thing is that No matter how much expensive the watch is it will distract and will show some variation in time unlike a radio controlled watch that ensure to always show correct time.  

Casio Atomic Watches



Casio who is the pioneer in digital watches has introduced many atomic watches in its series of Casio G-Shock watches and Casio wave ceptor watches and Casio Pathfinder Watches. It has introduced solar atomic watches in which Casio has combined the features of Solar charging to eliminate the need to replace batteries with the radio controlled (atomic timekeeping function).

Now Casio has a whole range of radio controlled or atomic watches even atomic sports watches are also available. Casio Atomic watches are best of accurate time for the people who live in North America, Europe, Some parts of Canada and Mexico. Initially Casio only produced Digital Atomic watches but now Analog Atomic watches are also available particularly atomic sports watches. These Casio watches are also water resistant and shock resistant.

These watches apart from their awesome features relatively inexpensive and are available in the range between $30 to $300. Each of the watch of Casio atomic watch series including Casio wave receptor watches and Casio G shock watches comes with the unique features. Read our reviews about different Casio Atomic Watches and select the one that best fits your personality….

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